Benefits of Having a Backup Generator

Kansas City residents who depend on backup power generators know the comfort of having electricity during unforeseen outages, particularly in Missouri’s unpredictable weather. Besides the convenience of running appliances like the A/C while others lack power, backup generators are vital for ensuring family safety during intense storms that cause electrical disruptions.

The Need for Backup Power Generators

Many homeowners consider purchasing backup generators only after experiencing significant storms. However, this can lead to rushed decisions and buying a generator that may not be the right size for your home. Exploring your options before a storm hits is essential to ensure you select a generator that meets your needs.

Types of Backup Generators

  • Portable Generators: These units, powered by gasoline or propane, offer temporary power and require manual setup. They are suitable for running essential appliances but need refueling and should be kept at a safe distance from the home to prevent hazards like carbon monoxide exposure.
  • Standby Generators: Also known as whole-house generators, these units activate automatically during outages. They are professionally installed and connected to the home’s natural gas or propane lines, ensuring continuous power to your entire home or selected appliances without manual intervention.

Selecting the Right Size Generator

Choosing the appropriate size generator is a crucial step in ensuring your home’s power needs are met during outages. It depends on your home’s size, electrical system, and specific needs. Our professionals at Current Solutions Electric can guide you through this process, helping you select the best generator for your requirements.

Advantages of Standby Generators

  • Automatic Power: Standby generators kick in automatically, ensuring continuous power even when you’re away from home.
  • Capacity: Unlike portable generators with energy thresholds, they can power your entire home without limitations.
  • Longevity: Standby generators run on natural gas or propane, eliminating the need for frequent refueling.

Protecting Your Home with Backup Generators

  • Preventing frozen pipes and appliance damage during winter.
  • Maintaining food freshness by keeping refrigerators operational.
  • Sustaining home security systems for peace of mind during emergencies.

Powering Your Home with Confidence

A whole-house generator ensures power for essential appliances, HVAC systems, water heaters, security systems, and electronic devices, keeping your household functional and secure during outages.

Installing a backup generator offers more than just power during unexpected outages. It provides a sense of security and peace of mind. With this backup power source in place, you can confidently navigate periods of electricity loss, knowing that your home and loved ones are shielded from inconvenience and potential risks. Whether facing severe weather conditions or temporary electrical disruptions, the presence of a backup generator ensures continuous power supply, maintaining comfort and safety within your household.

Partnership with Generac

Current Solutions Electric, in collaboration with Generac, offers a comprehensive solution for your generator needs, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for your residential or commercial property. With our unmatched expertise in electrical services and certification in working with Generac generators, our team provides professional installation, maintenance, and repair services tailored to your specific requirements. We guide you in selecting the right Generac generator from a diverse range of products, considering your power needs and budget constraints to ensure optimal performance and reliability.

Seamless Generator Solutions: Current Solutions Electric x Generac

There are numerous benefits to having a backup generator, especially ones from Generac. Generac’s innovative power solutions, which include backup and primary power systems, solar plus battery storage options, and smart grid technology, are designed to enhance energy resilience and sustainability. Through our partnership, we offer turn-key installation services for Generac generators, managing everything from initial assessment to ongoing maintenance. With Generac’s automatic backup systems and our expertise, you can trust that your property will remain powered during outages, ensuring your comfort and productivity. Contact us at (816) 430-2740 to discover how Current Solutions Electric and Generac can seamlessly and reliably meet your generator needs.

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