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In Missouri, power outages can occur unexpectedly due to extreme weather conditions, leaving residents without electricity for hours or even days. However, with the help of generators, individuals can remain safe and comfortable during such times of crisis. Current Solutions Electric is a leading provider of generator solutions that can help households prepare for power outages.

There are two primary types of generators:

  • portable
  • permanent

Portable generators are typically smaller in size and can be moved around easily. These generators are ideal for individuals who need temporary power solutions during a power outage. For instance, if you need to power a few essential appliances such as a refrigerator or a heater, a portable generator can provide you with the necessary electricity.

On the other hand, permanent generators, also known as standby generators, are larger in size and are installed outside of the house. These generators are connected to the home’s electrical system and can automatically turn on when the power goes out. Standby generators are ideal for individuals who require uninterrupted power supply during an outage. For instance, if you work from home or have a family member who requires medical equipment that relies on electricity, a standby generator can ensure that the power supply remains uninterrupted.


High-Quality Products

At Current Solutions Electric, our team of experts can help you determine which type of generator is best suited for your needs. We offer a range of generators from top brands such as Generac and Kohler, ensuring that you receive high-quality products that are reliable and durable.

In conclusion, being prepared for power outages is crucial, especially during extreme weather conditions. Generators can provide you with the necessary power supply, ensuring that you remain safe and comfortable during such times. To learn more about our generator solutions, contact Current Solutions Electric today.

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